I’m all about my community. Community for me is personal, local, global. It’s about diversity, inclusion, change, advocacy & compassion. I take my personal life goals very seriously which means each day I wake up and remember that it’s not about me. My goal is to take the next step, trust that I will fall down, get up, learn and keep going. There’s so much in life to love. Family, friends near and far, the hum and buzz of people whirring and bussing around me. Some of my days are creative. I can write, I create designs and make fashionable garments. Some of my days are mundane. I do laundry, I pick up all the underpants that have been left on the floor, I wash the dishes and then I do it all again. Sometimes I get to teach and lead. Sometimes I get to learn. I aim to do all of these things with the wisdom to acknowledge what I do and don’t understand, the compassion to see people when they are at their best or their worst or anywhere in between and show love regardless, the grace to know when I get things wrong or when I need to make amends for my actions. I try to be the kind of person that I’d like to spend time with. Because, let’s face it, I’m my most frequent company.



Blog Posts will be intermittently updated on this page. Take care and stay in touch.

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  1. Congratulations Libby on your freelance journey. In my experience you are well equipped to achieve your mission! I’d encourage organisations to speak with you and explore opportunities for positive change. Cheers JW.

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