Strategic Change Maker

Libby Neesham is a writer, educator and consultant specialising in supporting and advocating cultural change within corporate organisations. Most recently Libby has worked in the utilities and gas infrastructure industry managing education and change programs in relation to workplace safety, technical skills development, professional development pathways and regulatory compliance. Her passion is to support and educate businesses to make the changes they strive for while maximizing the ability of individuals and groups within the workforce to take their own steps toward achieving change in a professional context.

Change can be challenging and difficult for many people, some may find the process stressful and feel a lack of control of their career as a result. Fear of the unknown is often the biggest risk to successful change programs. Libby’s goal is to work with businesses to identify the most effective change strategy for specific projects within the context of the company, including looking at what is most likely to work best for its people and culture. She acknowledges that, although possibly the most perplexing aspect of change, people are the highest success factor in change agency. Bringing people on a journey of self-knowledge and empowerment, Libby assists businesses through advice, strategy, communication and education programs that bring groups together and support continued business success and growth.

Libby’s background is in human resources training and assessment, education management, professional writing and linguistics. She holds a Degree in Arts (Professional Writing), Diploma of Arts (Fine Arts), Certificate in Training & Assessment as well as a number of business administration and management vocational certifications.

What Libby does.

Libby develops whole change strategies as well as acting as a Project Manager and Educator during change phases.

Libby has written numerous policies, procedures, communication programs, education manuals and assessment strategies including information for employees on Fair Treatment, Anti-discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity legislation, Safe Work Methods, Job Safety Analysis, effective company induction programming and performance monitoring and management of employees.

Libby currently works as a freelance writer and educator. If you would like to contact Libby for further information on available service offerings, please email